Private Stash! One Classic 2020 PowerHitter

Private Stash! One Classic 2020 PowerHitter

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Attention PowerHitter enthusiasts! We've unearthed a limited supply of Eggplant PowerHitters - the last of its kind and only previously available during our Crowdfunding campaign.

The PowerHitter™ has been the quickest and easiest way to maximize the potential of your smoke since the '70s. Simply insert your lit smoke into the special holder, screw on the cap, find the air hole, cover it with your finger, and "Grip It and Rip It!" You'll be rewarded with a smooth, steady, and safe stream of smoke that you can inhale inches away from your mouth - no more wet passes or cooties!

Get your hands on this rare find and experience the funnest way to enjoy rolled smokes.


Just Grip It and Rip It! 

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