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How to find product's Serial Number:

Thanks for buying a PowerHitter™! Each one is a collector’s edition!

Normally the serial number is under the scratch off on the hologram sticker on your PowerHitter™. Please check there first.

If you do not have a scratch off serial number, please look at the bottom of your PowerHitter™ you will see a series of numbers that will be your serial number.

Why Register?:

Registering your PowerHitter™ will ensure you are getting the real deal. Speaking of deals we will let you know of special editions before they hit the shelves. You will also get invitation to our special events when we come to your town.

Registering your PowerHitter™ will also give you these benefits:

  •      Warranty - We’re confident nothing will go wrong, but if it does, we’ll make it right.
  •       Support - Get the most from your products with easy access to email and more.
  •       Offers & Updates - Get special offers, new products or feature updates.
  •       Parties - Invites to special events

As always, contact us if you need help!!!