Since the ‘70’s, the PowerHitter has been the quickest and easiest way to extract the maximum potential from a smoke.  We paid homage to the classic design and updated it with modern materials to create this generation's ultimate smoking accessory ;)

Limited Edition
Pink PowerHitter


Blue PowerHitters

Multi Color Sticker Pack

Additional Cap/Holder/Nozzle

$60.00 (was $90) Save $30.00
Three PowerHitters™ 
$90.00 (was $150) Save $60.00
Five PowerHitters™
Case of PowerHitters (32)
$512 (Was $960) Save $448

The PowerHitter™ is the life of the party!

See for yourself!

Why is the PowerHitter™ so dope?

It's fun and easy to use!

  • Stop wasting your material.

    Since the PowerHitter™ bottle captures 100% of the smoke, there’s zero waste – which means the only smoke you’re putting in the environment is coming from your lungs.  Plus, you can smoke every millimeter of a pre-roll without worrying about roach clips or burning your fingers.

  • Avoid burn holes.

    Do you enjoy smoking in bed? No worries! Avoid burn holes to your bed, clothes and your skin. Since the PowerHitter™ is a totally self-contained unit, you won’t have to worry about ashes or hot embers ever again.

  • Share with your friends.

    Since the PowerHitter™ is virtually unbreakable, you can literally toss it across the room – giving new meaning to ‘Puff, puff pass!’

  • Concerned about germs?

    The PowerHitter™ blasts a steady stream of smoke directly into your mouth (or nose) with no contact on the mouthpiece required, making it is seemingly one of the most sanitary ways you can smoke a pre-roll.

Be the first to hit it in 40 years!

"I lost my power hitter and searched for years for a replacement. After paying $250 for a vintage one at auction and the disappointment of cheap knock offs, I decided to make my own and offer them to the world." -Allen The PowerHitter Co.™


The ultimate in smoking accessories!

Wondering how to party like a rock star? The PowerHitter™ blasts a steady stream of smoke into your melon. Get's you higher faster without wasting any smoke. Just a perfect Power Hit every time.

powerhitter session


“The first time I used the power hitter was back in the ‘70’s in the parking lot at a Grateful Dead show. After I smoked an entire joint by myself in three minutes, I knew I had to have one of my own. 

For the next ten years, I carried my power hitter with me everywhere – from hundreds of festivals and concerts to whitewater rafting the Colorado River to hiking the Pacific Crest Trail, my power hitter was a constant companion…until it blew away out to sea at Maho beach in St Maarten — where the airplanes literally land over your head just off the beach. Crazy as it sounds, the jet wash blew the power hitter out of my hands and into the distant surf and out to sea. I searched the whole area and prayed the tide would return my precious power hitter but eventually left empty handed and broken hearted. 

I looked everywhere for a replacement for over a decade, but power hitters were almost impossible to find. Thankfully, I found an eBay listing many years later for a vintage version and finally ended my search – but as soon as I opened the package, I began to wonder how such an awesome product could slip into relative obscurity and be so hard to track down.

That’s when I made the decision to resurrect and modernize the original design and enable a new generation of smokers to enjoy the power hitter experience for themselves.

Try it yourself – once you take a power hitter hit, you’ll never want to smoke a joint traditionally again.”

You need a new PowerHitter!

Smoke cigarettes in bed?

Don't burn your house down. The PowerHitter™ puts out  your smoke. Just set it down and leave it.

Great for CBD and Smokeable Hemp!

Fast Results-Smoking hemp is one of the fastest delivery methods of cannabidiol in the body. When inhaled, CBD is in direct contact to the lungs and transfers straight into the bloodstream. This makes smoking hemp a great way to calm and relax your body immediately.