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Listen up. For 50 years, The PowerHitter has been the real deal. If you're looking for the genuine PowerHitter, this is it. Don't waste another second. Dive into the legacy.


This is the best thing since individual sliced cheese. If you don’t have one you will want one. You will be the coolest person anyone knows. If you take this to a party, you automatically become the life of the party 🎈!!!!

John M.

Brave the Elements

Windproof design for any weather. Stays dry in the rain or hot tub!

Safety First

Say no to burns holes and potential fires. The PowerHitter self extinguishes.

Efficient & Streamlined

Easy to use and maintain.

Genuine Product

Avoid knock-offs and choose the original PowerHitter.

On sale now!
Limited Edition
Glow in the Dark PowerHitter W/Mini Auto Pump

Had one in the late 80's OMG thank you for bringing this back!!!

George M
Los Angeles, CA