Crowdfunding Update #1

Where are my PowerHitters™?!  I can tell you because I have been watching them travel across the Pacific Ocean.

They are in a container. This exact one, in fact:

They are on this ship: FRANKFURT EXPRESS - Container Ship, IMO: 9450442, MMSI: 218364000

The final thing I can tell you is that they are not where they are supposed to be, namely the Port of Seattle.

They are about to land in Port Roberts, Canada, far north of here, which means they are not going to be here on the 15th. They will be here on the 16th. Blame Canada.

We are told they are going to be here in Seattle by the 19th, which means you can still get your PowerHitters™ by the Holidays!  Yay!

More news as it develops and if you want to follow the ship to port you can via this link.

Awesome photo of the ship by Ian Greenwood

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