PowerHitter™ Episode 4-A New Hope

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Hello again PowerHitter™ family!  Your support has been heartwarming and really quite touching.

We’re now approaching 40% of our Crowdfunding goal and that’s INCREDIBLE!

As it goes sometimes, Murphy’s Law is in full effect. For those that don’t know what that means, whatever can go wrong will go wrong!

It seems that Customs has delayed the release of our shipment due to the need for additional documentation.

Last Friday we submitted a bunch of paperwork to them for their review. Let's keep our fingers crossed.

We believe we will have this all resolved and expect to begin shipping on March 2nd. Yay!

Nothing but love and appreciation for you! So glad you are as big a fan of the PowerHitter™ as we are!

If you have any questions or concerns, always feel free to reach out – we also love hearing about all your great experiences using the PowerHitter™!

PS: Please follow us on social media @PowerHitterCo on BOTH Instagram and Facebook and share with your friends.

1 comentario

  • Nancy Castillo

    I thought you were full of shit & all of a sudden, I received my Powerhitter. Talk about a 70s flashback!!! OMG! It is just like my old Powerhitter. And best of all, it works PERFECTLY! Thanks for bringing this back. It is great!

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