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Hello again PowerHitter™ family!
We’d hoped everything would now be resolved and we’d have good news to share, however – U.S. Customs still has our merchandise and it’s become a huge pain in everybody’s ass!

What does that mean exactly?

U.S. Customs has literally seized our goods. The paperwork we mentioned in our last update was a Notice of Seizure and we were given a few options.

These are the highlights/lowlights:

  • They took the PowerHitters™ for themselves and don’t want to give them back. That is called forfeiture. If we don’t challenge this we all have to abandon our property and claim no interest in the PowerHitters™. We ALL bought them so we'd say we want to keep them, right?
  • They asked if we wanted to send our case directly to Federal Court to judge the confiscation of the PowerHitters™ and possible charges OR if we wanted to ask them nicely to give them back first.
  • Asking nicely is where we are now. It’s something called an administrative petition. That is the paperwork we turned in. We are asking them politely to give back our property without going to court because they had no right to take them in the first place since they have several significant legal uses under FEDERAL law in addition to the various states.
  • If this doesn’t work then off to Court we go. We think we are right. We will make our voices heard. We will fight the good fight!

In a nutshell, the government hosed us and risk averse corporate America has made it worse. First IndieGogo shut down our original Crowdfunding Campaign, then the Federal Government seized our shipment. That says nothing about the slow reactions by our shipper’s communication with us through what has now become an ordeal.

That said, we want to thank all of you PowerHitter™ fanatics and medical patients who have reached out to us and shown love since day one. These PowerHitters™ are earmarked for YOU and we sincerely love and appreciate your patience!

In that regard, we always want to do the right thing. We've already taken a huge financial hit BUT we are honorable and good people. So, with that in mind - if you feel you need to cancel your order and give up your place in line - please reach out to us and we will be happy (but still very sad) to refund you 100%.

On the other hand, we will be forever grateful to whoever continues to remain patient and whoever helps us fight the fight, spread the word and let the world know how screwed up this all is. We will be reaching out to the news media locally and nationally very soon. So sharing those news articles will be very helpful to shedding a light on our situation.

In the meantime, we’re working on additional solutions to expedite delivery and make sure you get your PowerHitter™ ASAP. That includes exploring domestic manufacturing to avoid any future BS like this ever happening again.
As this continues to progress we will be reaching out with updates on our new mission to FREE THE POWERHITTER™! 
Team PowerHitter™

PS: Please follow us on social media @PowerHitterCo on BOTH Instagram and Facebook and share with your friends. 


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  • Dennis Smith

    I’ll wait patiently but I must be updated and I’m not on social media. So email me and keep me up-to-date please
    Thank you

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