Crowdfunding Update #8

Howdy folks. Well sometimes no news is good news?

It's been over a month with no contact from our good people on the front lines of our borders.

We used UPS as our customs broker as we have a learning curve being a importer and wanted to be sure everything was done right and by the book so we could learn the ropes from the best in the business and we all could have a merry holiday season enjoying the magical PowerHitter. 

We received a short email from them on Friday the 24th of January that the shipment was potentially seized. We do not know if that is true or not as we have not heard word one from Customs and Border Patrol this whole time. The shipment landed here all the way back in December. They are as confused as we are. 

As soon as we hear something you will be the first. 

Thanks for all your help and please keep spreading the word. We need your support now more than ever. Please tell your friends and tell them to tell their friends friends. Help us reach our goal.


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