Rejoice we are SHIPPING again!

Hello again PowerHitter™ family!

We can not tell you how much we appreciate you all. All the comments and support are amazing! You are seriously Rock Stars for hanging in here with us. Thanks so much!

We love hearing about your PowerHitter™ experiences – so, please keep ‘em coming.

Post them on Instagram or Facebook, tag us and use #PowerHitterMovement – and we might feature you on our social media.

That said, we are noticing that Post Office Boxes seem to be a bit more involved in delivery and may take a little extra time so please talk with your local office to see if they have your package in the back, if you haven’t already received yours.

Other than that, orders are flowing freely and we are ready to ship out more to your friends and family.

All shipping is Monday through Friday with a 24hr turnaround for all orders placed the previous date.

Regarding our continued battles …

We are still fighting the good fight to recover the product that was seized by US Customs and working with our legislators to Free The PowerHitter™. There are numerous costs involved in this process. Every day these costs grow and are attached to our company’s bill from Customs and the third-party vendors they use … plus YOUR tax dollars. It’s simply ridiculous! #freethepowerhitter  

With that said, your support is still so important to us. We still need your help to get the word out.

So, please tell your friends and make some noise on Social Media if you can. Even if it’s sharing a link to our page

Every voice counts and we need all the assistance we can get!

As we’ve said before, we love and appreciate you! We’re so glad you are as big a fan of the PowerHitter™ as we are!

If you have any questions or concerns, always feel free to reach out – and again, we love hearing about all your great experiences using the PowerHitter™!

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