Riot Fest-the ultimate music fest-chooses The PowerHitter for it's 4/20 Gift Guide!

We are so happy to featured by Riot Fest's 420 Gift Guide. They have great taste!

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Founded in 2005 in Chicago, the birthplace of The PowerHitter Co. co-founder Allen Stein.

Riot Fest is a multi-day music festival specializing in punk, rock, alternative, metal, and hip-hop. Carnival Rides, amazing food vendors, sideshow performers, and more add to the atmosphere of this independent music fest.

More importantly Riot Fest Foundation works to help Inspiring artists and amplifying communities

“Because helping communities, people and youth is a moral obligation we’ve never taken lightly, we here at the Riot Fest Foundation stand firm that we can create change.”

They are music industry professionals and community leaders dedicated to better equipping our communities to sustain the presence of music, art and education, and to supporting charitable causes and civic endeavors that effect positive change in our neighborhoods. 

Music, art, and education are the cornerstones to culture and community. Consider supporting the 501c3 with whatever you can afford at

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