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20" Voyager + Mini Perc Bong

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2 Combinations in 1

Get the most bang for your buck when buying a 3 piece set. These sets are essentially 2 bongs in one. It is our best selling 16" Voyager and by adding a perc, it converts into a 20" beauty.

The base consists of an inline downstem and a large honeycomb disc to begin your smokes filtration. Followed by a perc of your choice and finally the UFO mouthpiece. A total of 4 percolators hard at work, to provide you with a smoking experience that you can only dream of.

This set can be customized with your choice of mini percs and connector rings so there's something for everyone's liking.

Plant 3 trees

When purchased as a set, you get 2 FREE connector rings and cleaning plugs worth over $70.


Glass Thickness: 5mm
Total Height: 20" (51cm) 
Total Volume: 32 fl oz (950ml)
Bowl Size: 14mm
Material: Laboratory Grade Borosilicate
Base Thickness: Reinforced 20mm Thick Base

1 x Flagship Base 

1 x Mini Percolator of your choice
1 x Ufo Mouthpiece 
2 x Connector Rings of your choice
4 x Cleaning Caps
2 x Cleaning Plugs
1 x Leaf Bowl
Total Value $465 (If bought separately)

Water Level

We highly recommend filling each piece individually. It will be both easier and less prone to accidents. 

Base: Fill your base so that it completely covers the inline stem and just below the honeycomb. When you pull your piece, the water should start bubbling over your honeycomb.  

Percolator: Fill until slits are covered by 1/4" of water. 

Mouthpiece: Fill mouthpiece so that just covers the last slit. Filling it with too much water can cause backsplash, pour out some water if needed.

Adjust the water level according to personal preference. 


By purchasing this product, you will help plant three trees.

Images are for reference only. As each piece is individually hand-crafted, slight variations can occur. 

Made from non-porous laboratory grade Borosilicate glass. It will not absorb odors or chemical residues.